Knight Kaps

This is the crown God gave me so I’ll gladly be the queen with the kinky hair raising her fist. ✊ #forevernatural
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The Pros And Cons Of Having Curly Hair: An Illustrated Take

I can’t wait until I have a full powered legit fro but for now I’m LOVING my natural hair and I wouldn’t trade it for the world

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Somebody help me!!! I’m addicted to  @carolsdaughter93 products and there are plenty more that I want. The crazy thing is that I don’t even that much hair to experiment with in the first place 😩. But I’m not buying anymore until Christmas 🎁. I love hair products that’s my _____ problem (ASAP Rocky voice). #carolsdaughter #natural #naturalhair #teamnatural #taperedcut #ilovemyhair #nohair #AlliWantForMyBirthdayChristmasAndValentinesDayisHairProducts
No hair, don’t care plus I did it before Beyonce lol 💇💁✌ (at Hoboken Waterfront)

Natural moment #1:

Today a stranger walked up to me and says “OMG your hair is so pretty and your curls are so perfect!” She was filled with so much excitement and fascination and asked to touch my hair. I wondered how I would react when this moment finally happened to me because I’ve read so many blogs from women who hate being asked this question. But to my surprise I was beyond enthusiastic to let another woman of another race touch it. I embraced the fact that I was different, blessed and that someone wanted hair like mine. Then I stopped and thought to myself, I should’ve done this a long time ago. If everyone else loves our hair, think it’s cool or wishes their hair was like ours then why don’t we think the same? I just don’t understand how some women feel like they NEED a perm for whatever the reason may be. Ladies, you can let it go. Your hair is NOT nappy, rough or unmanageable. PATIENCE makes a world of a difference. ✌💁 #naturalhair #natural #naturalmoments #bigchop #loveyourhair

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Transformation isn’t just your physical change from child to adult. It’s about emotional/spiritual growth and physical acceptance. (Still in shock that I cut all my hair off 😱) #TransformationTuesday #ThenandNow #LovingMyCut #LovingMyself #MyMomWasRight #Natural #BigChop #iAmNotMyHair
22. Back to basics. Don’t be mad, I found a brand new kind of free.💇💓😌 #natural #bigchop #happy #free
…and he calls me his Queen 👑💁
Don’t let life pass you by 😌